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The Importance Of Using A Moisturiser

The importance of using a moisturiser

The importance of using a moisturiser. Most people know they should moisturise regularly but that doesn’t meant they actually do. Moisturising is an important and essential part of your daily skin care routine. Why is it important to use a moisturiser? Nearly two thirds of the skin is made up of water and is constantly […]

Why choose Natural and Organic Skincare?

Why Choose Natural and Organic Skincare

Why choose Natural and Organic Skincare? The term Natural refers to products that have been derived from nature such as a plant, mineral or animal by-product. This means they should contain ingredients that ‘feed’ your skin vital nutrients. The term Organic refers to how an ingredient was farmed. It must be prepared and grown without […]

What are Parabens?

What are Parabens?

When you see a product labeled as being paraben-free, you might wonder what are parabens and why it might be important to know about them. What are they? Parabens are used to make products last longer; their chemical properties make them effective preservatives that keep ingredients fresher for longer. Preventing the growth of potentially harmful […]