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Beauty Kubes

Beauty Kubes are a company that produce exciting organic, vegan friendly and plastic free Kube products. They started out with Shampoo Kubes but have now expanded to Body Wash and Skincare Kubes too!

Just take one organic shampoo Kube with you into the shower. Crumble in the palm of your hand, add a little water to create a paste and smooth onto wet hair. A luxurious lather is created and will leave your hair silky smooth and super-shiny. There are 27 Kubes in each box – so you get the equivalent to a 250 – 300 ml bottles of conventional shampoo. The majority of people find they don’t have to use a separate conditioner afterwards. Also, all are available in travel/sample sizes with 3 kubes.

These unique solid Kubes are made with 100% plastic free ingredients and packaging. They are vegan friendly, palm oil free, sulphate free and silicone free.

All Beauty Kube plastic free products are made by hand, aided with some specialised equipment in their manufacturing facility in Cornwall, UK. This facility is powered by green energy from solar and wind turbines.