Why choose Natural and Organic Skincare?

Why Choose Natural and Organic Skincare

Why choose Natural and Organic Skincare?

The term Natural refers to products that have been derived from nature such as a plant, mineral or animal by-product. This means they should contain ingredients that ‘feed’ your skin vital nutrients.

The term Organic refers to how an ingredient was farmed. It must be prepared and grown without pesticides, chemical fertilisers, growth hormones or antibiotics. This makes it better for our bodies and the environment.

Better For Your Skin

Your body needs proper nutrition and exercise along with plenty of sleep and water. However, your skin also requires a daily regime that helps it to regenerate. Natural and Organic skin care products can nourish and hydrate the skin instead of stripping it of essential oils.

Skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs up to 60% of the products we apply to it. Therefore, you are potentially exposing your body to a whole range of chemical substances, including parabens, without fully understanding the effects they could have on your body.

Luckily, there are more Paraben-free products available than ever before. These items often contain herbal, natural ingredients that may actually be beneficial to the human body.

Everything we need to cleanse and take good care of our skin is already produced for us by mother nature. Following an organic skin care routine and using natural skin care products will help your skin look and feel healthier. Just remember that having radiant looking skin is an ongoing process. Therefore, it may take days or months to really see the results. Stay focused and give it a chance to work.

Not only does skin care affect us but also our planet. Products containing preservatives wash into the sewage system. They can then be released into the environment, affecting fish and other marine mammals.

So, why choose Natural and Organic Skincare? Organic products are likely to contain fewer synthetic and chemical ingredients and higher levels of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are less likely to cause irritation and reactions than their chemical alternatives.

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